Our Board

Pamela Bieber
The Hanover Insurance group


Vice President
Jamie Curtin
Optimum Consulting Associates


Julie Jackson


Traci Verel
Gallagher & Bassett


Welcome to the Syracuse Claims Association!

SCA Pics 041picSCAThe objective of our association is to promote and cultivate the following as it pertains to adjusting claims and those involved in claims adjusting. Education, Skills, Professional Confidence, Ethical Standards and Conduct. The exchange of ideas, and the good fellowship amongst the members (men and women involved in claims adjusting) by means of activities, seminars, meetings, programs, and by such other ways and means as may be necessary to promote the foregoing amongst the members and those professionals with whom the members come in contact. The membership is comprised of any individual who engages in the investigation or adjustment of any claims on behalf of either the insurance company, a self-insured, an insurance agency, or individuals directly associated with the adjustment, appraisal, legal defense, or direct handling of claims.

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